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Factory Direct Open Mouth Gag Review

  • Sunday, 23 August 2020
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Factory Direct Open Mouth Gag Review

The factory-direct open mouth gag is an ingenious device that allows a person who has a choking habit to keep their mouth shut whilst performing oral sex. It's so simple, yet so effective!

There are several different styles of these gags available on the market. Each model is specifically designed to prevent a person from choking on their own saliva or on the saliva of the person they are having oral sex with. They are available in a wide range of colours as well and can be made from a number of different materials as well.

The factory-direct open mouth gag is extremely easy to use, and once it is used correctly you will never want to forget it. The device has two pieces; the mouthpiece is placed in the mouth of the choking victim (which is usually hidden by the giver), then the giver inserts their tongue into the victim's mouth.

The gag is designed to remain in place for up to 20 minutes, so if the victim is having oral sex and is beginning to choke on their saliva you should remove the gag from their mouth before going on with the oral sex. If the gag does not stay in place then you should try to find another giver, or you could try to get the victim to lie down on their back whilst you give them the open mouth gag.

Whilst there are many different gags available, none of them can be compared to the quality of the open mouth gag as they can be used to stop choking attacks in various different people. The open mouth gag was created by John C. Fassler and has proved to be extremely effective against a wide variety of choke victims, including choking victims, alcoholics and people suffering from phobias.

The factory-direct open mouth gag is a must have accessory for anyone who suffers from a severe phobia of oral sex and needs to stop their attack. The open mouth gag is designed to prevent a person from choking while they are having oral sex, and will also stop a victim from swallowing their own saliva.

The factory-direct open mouth gag is a fantastic product that anyone can buy and is highly recommended for people suffering from extreme phobias. You will not believe how effective it is when you try it on for yourself!

When looking to buy the factory direct open mouth gag you should make sure you purchase one that comes with the right size, colour and material. You should also look for a product that is suitable for a choking victim, because even if you do not suffer from a choking attack you may still need to use this product to prevent an attack on a potential partner or lover.

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