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How Does the Ultimate Bed Bonding Set Work?

  • Friday, 14 August 2020
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How Does the Ultimate Bed Bonding Set Work?

This article will explain in layman's terms what is so great about the Ultimate Bed Bondage Set; a restraint system designed specifically for couples to enhance their sex life! Package contains: 4 Velcro handcuffs, plastic zip lock bag with five restraint straps, rubber-backed padlock, silicone wrist strap and an instructional DVD.bed bondage The restraint system is very unique because it's designed in such a way that it keeps the bed completely open whilst still restricting the movement of the person being bound - this means you can actually have multiple people bound together!

There are four main components of the Ultimate Bed Bondage Set; the restraint straps, the zip-lock bag, the cuff and the padlock.bed bondage bed bondage Each of these components will come with an individual guide that tells you exactly how to use the item. Whilst I personally used all four items together, it's recommended that you use them separately for maximum effect.

The first component is the strap.bed bondage These strap will be fastened to the base of the bed rail in such a way that they will not be visible to the person being restrained. Once the strap is fastened, the person will have to slide the base of the bed upwards and then pull the base downwards towards the side of the bed so that the top of the bed rail is facing towards the side of the restraint. The strap must be pulled as tight as possible as the tighter the grip, the better the control whilst you're in bed!

Next comes the zip lock bag. The zip lock bag will be attached to the base of the baseboard and will have a zip-lock seal so that once closed, it won't fall out like many other bags on the market. The bag will have at least five restrain straps and one Velcro cuff. You will need to insert your hand between the zip lock and restraint straps to secure the bag.

Finally, the cuff. The cuff is similar to the zip lock bag, but it has Velcro tabs that need to be inserted into the zip lock bag. As mentioned before, these tabs must be inserted so that the person wearing the restraints can not see the strap through the bag. Once the tabs are inserted, the person wearing the restraint will have to slowly pull the Velcro tabs downward towards the side of the bed. The goal of this is to prevent the person from moving, while allowing the person being bound to feel the pressure of the restraint.

The Ultimate Bed Bonding Sets is an excellent set to spice up your sex life and has made it much easier for me to provide the two people in my life with a complete, satisfying sex life. I hope it helps! Check out the Ultimate Bondage Sets on Amazon!

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